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Merry Meet! Hidden Knowledge Awaits You!

I create digital spiritual tools and content. Planners, dairies, and journals for Tarot, Astrology, Healing and Pagan resources. You will find both personal items as well as some commercial use products you can use to create your own products to resell.

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Authors Notes

Pisces Planets and Good Timing
Astrology forecast for 2024 with best dates for important actions. Hear about the gifts and challenges of Mercury in Pisces and the opportunities with Venus in Pisces. Tune in to hear how Venus in Pisces might respond as Mercury moves into Aries.Ther...
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Aquarius Season Astrology Forecast
EPISODE DESCRIPTIONWade Caves joins Alejo Lopez to chat about Aquarius Season and the month ahead. Includes a look at classic Aquarians Oprah Winfrey, Megan Thee Stallion, Germaine Greer and Anton Chekhov.Wade and Alejo share insights about current t...
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Capricorn Season Astrology Forecast
EPISODE DESCRIPTIONRod Chang joins Alejo Lopez to chat about Capricorn Season and the month ahead. Includes a look at classic Capricorns Isaac Newton and Muhammad Ali. Rod and Alejo share prominent dates for personal planning as well as some thoughts...
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Sagittarius Season 2023 Astrology Forecast
Vanessa Montgomery joins Alejo Lopez to chat about Sagittarius Season and the month ahead. Includes a look at classic Sagittarians Taylor Swift and William Blake.You'll also hear about the new and full Moon, Mercury trine Jupiter, Sun and Mars squari...
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This Month Astrology Forcast has been posted in the MEDIA section! Kim Farley joins Alejo Lopez to chat about Scorpio Season and the month ahead. Includes a look at classic Scorpios RuPaul, Sylvia Plath and Goethe.You'll also hear about the new Moon,...
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Astrology Forecast for October 2023
I have begun to share podcasts on the Media Page about different practices such as Tarot and Yoga. This month I am starting with a monthly podcast by Tony Howard who shares an overview of the main transiting declination aspects for October 2023 along...
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All Systems Ready!
Hello everyone,This is just a quick note to let you know that I feel this shop is 99% ready to go!Only a few things left to do, and many more new products to add to the fold. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see, please feel f...
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Welcome to the new Pagan Knot store
If you know me you know, I have a plethora of shops, blogs and projects keeping me busy and overwhelmed. So why did I start a new store. Easy, I wanted to go back a little and pivot to the things I know best, which are the Entertainmen Biz, and in th...
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