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Our audios are great for everything from personal meditation, to class instructors and spiritual advisors. Use them in Reiki sessions, yoga, or simply to raise your awareness level and relax after a stressful day.

Most audios and videos have commercial use rights, so you can use them in your projects or for clients.

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full moon ritual
Practice a Full Moon Ritual for Soul Cleansing!
Soul Cleansing Full Moon Ritual Here is a ritual that you can use to celebrate the full moon. It is a good practice to perform this ritual every full moon! The best times to work with the full moon is just before it’s full, as thi...
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English Gardens
Summer Means Magical Inspiration
June is here and it's time for some summer excitement and magical enchantment. Only a little over 3 months between the Holidays Memorial Day and Labor Day, and these are some of the times of the year for potentential possibilities, while gainlin...
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Aromatherapy Bath Recipe
Aromatherapy Bath Recipe
Aromatherapy Bath RecipeAromatherapy has long been applied in combination with the therapeutic effects of a warm bath. The Egyptians were perhaps the first people to use it, adding extracts distilled from herbs and plants which they deemed to be bene...
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