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2024 - The Year of Big Changes

First, today is my birthday, I am 7 decades and 2 years old!

One of the biggest astrological events of the year is about to unfold this week and it is set to bring a wave of transformation! On January 20, we'll experience a life changing astrological moment as Pluto, the planet of deep change and renewal, makes his move into Aquarius.

I for one, am thrilled, as I am a double Cappie Virgo Moon, and my other half has a Cappie Moon, and we both have been weighed down with all kinds of woes for the last 15 or more years. So here is the scoop!

Pluto Conjunct Sun in Capricorn – The Final Degree

Before Pluto makes his big move he will align with the Sun at the very last degree of Capricorn (29°59') before both dance into Aquarius. (My Sun is at 25 degrees)

This conjunction is a point of critical energy and transition – symbolizes a potent moment of completion and the brink of a new beginning. It's time to acknowledge the lessons and growth we've experienced around our structures, ambitions, and the way we use our power. Look for the sign of Capricorn in your chart to see which house he has been traveling through the last 15 years and reflect on how you have changed or grown in your life.

Sun Enters Aquarius, Followed by Pluto

Shortly after at 9:07 am EST, the Sun enters Aquarius, it is time to explore unconventional paths, foster community bonds, embrace new ideas and celebrate your uniqueness.

At 7:50 pm EST later on that day, Pluto makes its momentous entry into Aquarius. This marks the start of a new era where transformative energies will focus more on collective progress, technological advancements, and challenging the status quo. 

Pluto will travel through Aquarius for the next 20 years!!! Holy cow - that is the next two decades! It is hard to imagine what things will be like by the time he is done ... maybe things like space travel, cars that fly like Back to the Future, or maybe we will be buying real estate on another planet.

What Does This Means for Life on Earth

Aside from being an astrological event; it's also a metaphor. We're on the brink of major changes and this is the time to learn to harness this energy to create transformation. Now is the time to let go of what no longer works for you and step into a future that you help shape. 

Navigating the Changes

While change can be overwhelming, it's also necessary for growth. Open yourself up to these changes with an open mind. Believe in your ability to make a difference. The universe is aligning to create significant transformations for all living things. 2024 is a new era, hopefully for a better tomorrow. 

I want to thank Debbie from Fun With Astrology for this insight!