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Magic Meets Mastery Course from A Cup of Zen!How to Create Consistent Oracle Cards Using AI🎉 Master Oracle Cards! 🌟✂️Hey there, Creative Visionary! 🌈✂️Got a knack for art and dreaming of turning it into something amazing and profitable? Our “Oracle C...
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Creative Fabrica Discounts
Unwrap The Best Creative Fabrica Offers: There is ALWAYS something on sale, discounted or free to choose from! Join free for daily downloads, or subscribe for the best price in town!Heavily Discounted All AccessView The Clip ArtGrab a full year of Al...
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Jamboree Information
THIS SALE HAS ENDED, BUT YOU CAN STILL PURCHASE THE PRODUCTS FROM THE LINKS BELOW!What Is It?:A group sale where everything in the sale was only $9.Subscribe to be alerted to the next great bundle sale and giveaways!ESSENTIAL OILSPURCHASE HEREBEGINN...
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Articles and Other Resources

A Spell to Help Strengthen Your Connections
Let's Strengthen Your Connections using the Color Pink. Centered around the warmth and inclusivity of a pink candle, let us attempt to nurture and strengthen your existing connections and friendships. Remember, true friendships blossom through open c...
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Introducing Website and Link In Bio Templates
I am now creating templates for Link In Bio's and Websites using Canva and Powerpoint. These will be really easy for you to edit and make your own. For those of you who do not own Powerpoint, I will offer the templates in Canva as well. Most of my te...
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2024 - The Year of Big Changes
First, today is my birthday, I am 7 decades and 2 years old!One of the biggest astrological events of the year is about to unfold this week and it is set to bring a wave of transformation! On January 20, we'll experience a life ch...
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full moon ritual
Practice a Full Moon Ritual for Soul Cleansing!
Soul Cleansing Full Moon Ritual Here is a ritual that you can use to celebrate the full moon. It is a good practice to perform this ritual every full moon! The best times to work with the full moon is just before it’s full, as thi...
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English Gardens
Summer Means Magical Inspiration
June is here and it's time for some summer excitement and magical enchantment. Only a little over 3 months between the Holidays Memorial Day and Labor Day, and these are some of the times of the year for potentential possibilities, while gainlin...
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Aromatherapy Bath Recipe
Aromatherapy Bath Recipe
Aromatherapy Bath RecipeAromatherapy has long been applied in combination with the therapeutic effects of a warm bath. The Egyptians were perhaps the first people to use it, adding extracts distilled from herbs and plants which they deemed to be bene...
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Astrolgy and New Age Podcasts and Media

Pisces Planets and Good Timing
Astrology forecast for 2024 with best dates for important actions. Hear about the gifts and challenges of Mercury in Pisces and the opportunities with Venus in Pisces. Tune in to hear how Venus in Pisces might respond as Mercury moves into Aries.Ther...
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Aquarius Season Astrology Forecast
EPISODE DESCRIPTIONWade Caves joins Alejo Lopez to chat about Aquarius Season and the month ahead. Includes a look at classic Aquarians Oprah Winfrey, Megan Thee Stallion, Germaine Greer and Anton Chekhov.Wade and Alejo share insights about current t...
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Capricorn Season Astrology Forecast
EPISODE DESCRIPTIONRod Chang joins Alejo Lopez to chat about Capricorn Season and the month ahead. Includes a look at classic Capricorns Isaac Newton and Muhammad Ali. Rod and Alejo share prominent dates for personal planning as well as some thoughts...
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Sagittarius Season 2023 Astrology Forecast
Vanessa Montgomery joins Alejo Lopez to chat about Sagittarius Season and the month ahead. Includes a look at classic Sagittarians Taylor Swift and William Blake.You'll also hear about the new and full Moon, Mercury trine Jupiter, Sun and Mars squari...
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This Month Astrology Forcast has been posted in the MEDIA section! Kim Farley joins Alejo Lopez to chat about Scorpio Season and the month ahead. Includes a look at classic Scorpios RuPaul, Sylvia Plath and Goethe.You'll also hear about the new Moon,...
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Astrology Forecast for October 2023
I have begun to share podcasts on the Media Page about different practices such as Tarot and Yoga. This month I am starting with a monthly podcast by Tony Howard who shares an overview of the main transiting declination aspects for October 2023 along...
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All Systems Ready!
Hello everyone,This is just a quick note to let you know that I feel this shop is 99% ready to go!Only a few things left to do, and many more new products to add to the fold. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see, please feel f...
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Welcome to the new Pagan Knot store
If you know me you know, I have a plethora of shops, blogs and projects keeping me busy and overwhelmed. So why did I start a new store. Easy, I wanted to go back a little and pivot to the things I know best, which are the Entertainmen Biz, and in th...
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Astrology Forecast Podcasts

Links to podcasts and other media

Welcome to my story. 

Angela here, also known as AHDesign

I'd like you to know, my feeds are available on Podomatic at CMAVoices or the Carrd site CMAVoices but you can also find me on ANCHOR altho I am stagnant there since they turned into spotify... I liked the old Anchor.... and on VIMEO

Alternatively, you can read my articles and listen to them through text to speech at MEDIUM where I write about everything from my life experiences, business, and the spiritual world! You will find almost everything there, that is here, and then some, and if you are a member you can leave me comments and tell me your views on life, and if your not, you can JOIN FREE as well.

At Color My Agenda I create planners, journals, calendars, and coloring books to keep your daily life fun and organised. You will find printable coloring books, journals, planners & more in PDF format for you to print & enjoy.

Also, if you are of the spiritual nature, I have a publication called The Pagan Knot on Medium, a blog of the same name, and a newly opened Pagan Knot store (this one) for only spiritual goods and tools!

I believe that even the most organised lives, need an artistic release from the daily stresses, which is why our planners and daily agendas often have a few coloring pages, or doodle pages to color.

Products are unique and artistic and there is something for everyone. Planners and lists can be simple and basic, or artistic and fun. Informative posts and ebooks to help you with your daily life, affirmations, and positive goals.

You will also find coloring books and junk journal kits for those of you who like to create traditional memory books and scrapbooks, as well as your own personal art and junk journals.

The Brand is associated with art, graphics, printables, and digital works, as well as art on fashion and POD products for your body and home.

I have been online and working in ebusiness since 1995, there are shops and stores carrying a wide array of products, including retro vintage fashions, graphic works, and articles written under the publishing brand Sojournstar Media.

There is also a community forum that anyone can join. You will find articles, free resources, discussions of all kinds, general good information, and help and support for your questions, as well as many new networking opportunities for your life and business. Join the FORUM


Find links to the majority of my websites, projects and products at the DIGISCRAPCAFE


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