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English Gardens

Summer Means Magical Inspiration

June is here and it's time for some summer excitement and magical enchantment. Only a little over 3 months between the Holidays Memorial Day and Labor Day, and these are some of the times of the year for potentential possibilities, while gainling spiritual growth and renewed energy are limitless.

The times to watch for and put to magical use are:

Summer Solstice -

Wed, Jun 21, 2023 10:57 AM - In this time we honor the sun and it's abundance and learn to harness the power of it's energy for our own growth. 

Growing Season - (late April or early May and continuing to late September-early October)

Explore ways to connect with the fauna, floral and plant spirits. Creating herbal remedies in our own gardens is a great way to embrace the warmth, wisdom and healing power from our plant spirits. 

Love Romance and Weddings - June is usually the biggest month for weddings and is perfect for romance and love. During this time, explore your heart, your relationships, find new friends or a new romance. Explore rituals and activities that challenge us, such as Shadow Work to spark our inner self. 

There is so much to rejoice about during the summer months. We have nature in it's fullest bloom, and creatures big and small to grace us with their aliveness. We get to see fireflies, butterflies, and dragonflies, there are seasonal creatues, as well as birds that we can watch. All these things are what we can draw energy and inspiration from. 

You can bring some of this nature indoors with our collection of inspirational sounds.

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