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Aromatherapy Bath Recipe

Aromatherapy Bath Recipe

Aromatherapy Bath Recipe

Aromatherapy has long been applied in combination with the therapeutic effects of a warm bath. The Egyptians were perhaps the first people to use it, adding extracts distilled from herbs and plants which they deemed to be beneficial to the body. Later, aromatherapy bath recipes made their way to the Greeks who attributed it to the gods, and then to the Romans who were among the first people to ever come up with public baths.

Today, aromatherapy bath recipes are popular among both men and women. More and more people are taking aromatic baths for the simple pleasure of inhaling pleasant smells while relaxing in the soothing warmth of water. Some specialists in alternative medicine are also recommending aromatherapy bath recipes to patients suffering from a variety of conditions, from superficial skin conditions to more serious medical conditions.

Why Aromatherapy Bath Recipe is Beneficial

Aromatherapy bath recipes are beneficial for two reasons. First is that water itself is a powerful compound and for many years, it has been associated with countless therapeutic benefits. Even medical doctors are recommending water therapy to patients and there is enough scientific evidence to prove such a claim.

The second reason why aromatherapy bath recipe is beneficial is the fact that the water used is warm. The warmth of the bath helps stimulate the oil, allowing it to be better absorbed by the skin. Warmth also provides an excellent moisturizing effect.

Aromatherapy Bath Recipes: Simple Solution

Aromatherapy bath recipes can include almost any type of essential oil. For better absorption of essential oils, carrier oil should be included in an aromatherapy bath recipe. The carrier oil may be anything from plain to herbal-infused and even scented. 

Carrier oils in aromatherapy bath recipes offer nourishment for your skin. They are made from vegetable oils and are very beneficial, not only because they help “carry” essential oils but because they contain their own nutritious compounds. The essential oils in aromatherapy bath recipes promote various subtle effects which work in synergy with the effects of water therapy and the nourishment provided by carrier oils.

Aromatherapy Bath Recipe: Basic Solutions

For a basic oil bath, you can use this aromatherapy bath recipe: Add 1-2 oz. of plain carrier oil to bathwater. Some good choices of carrier oils are coconut, olive, sesame, or jojoba. 

You can also use a blend of several oils, such as this aromatherapy bath recipe: Mix 1 ½ oz. olive oil, 3 oz. almond oil, 1 oz. sesame oil, 1 oz. canola oil, and ½ oz. wheat germ oil. Pour the mixture into a jar with a cap. Shake well before adding 1 oz. of it to bath water.

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