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Astrology Forecast for October 2023

I have begun to share podcasts on the Media Page about different practices such as Tarot and Yoga. This month I am starting with a monthly podcast by Tony Howard who shares an overview of the main transiting declination aspects for October 2023 along with some tips for how to navigate these important astrology events.

You'll hear actionable tips for the Moon out of bounds, Mercury aspecting Neptune and Jupiter, as well as the contraparallel and opposition between Mars and Jupiter.

So watch the Media Page for upcoming new podcasts and other media. Thanks for being here!

Are you ready for Halloween. Crafting is a major bit of fun for both kids and adults.

Pick up some awesome Autumn backgrounds to work with here.

Autumn Porches

I remove each past months episode to replace it with a new monthly forcast, but you can catch the previous episode HERE