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Welcome to the new Pagan Knot store

If you know me you know, I have a plethora of shops, blogs and projects keeping me busy and overwhelmed. So why did I start a new store.

Easy, I wanted to go back a little and pivot to the things I know best, which are the Entertainmen Biz, and in this case, my Spiritual background in Wicca, Qaballah, Tarot, Astrology and Magick. You will also find article packs, books and courses on even more subjects such as Yoga, Reiki, and the Chakras as well. My father was a proud Pagan, as well as I also am a Proud Pagan.

I also run several other niches in business, but I really wanted to separate my spiritual content and tools from all the rest. I already had separate blogs, a forum, and several products dedicated to this niche, so a stand alone shop to tie it together was the next step.

I already have my main store on a hosted wordpress site, but I really like the platform we are on, and it is a lot less costly. Also I have an affiliate program if anyone would like to earn some commisions. I will be setting that up later, first comes the uploading and product creation.

I will also be adding resource links to the menu, so do be sure to check them out, you will find links to many good things, including a freebie or two.

So until then, Blessed Be my Friends!

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