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full moon ritual

Practice a Full Moon Ritual for Soul Cleansing!

Soul Cleansing Full Moon Ritual 

Here is a ritual that you can use to celebrate the full moon. It is a good practice to perform this ritual every full moon! The best times to work with the full moon is just before it’s full, as this increases the power as it grows.

1: Find a good place where you can sit just by yourself, preferably outside under the light of the moon.

2: Begin deep breathing to help release any tension or anxiety from your body. Feel it all draining from you, until you feel relaxed and calm. Now give your thoughts to what you want to clear from your life right now. These can be a bad habits, mental or emotional baggage, or behavior you don't like about yourself.

3: Writing a list of things you want to remove will help you focus. Write these down, these should be a list of hurts, a person’s name who may have harmed you, whatever it might be, along with detail, and when your list is complete, begin bringing those things on your list into your mind.

4: Visualize them surrounded by the colors of the heart chakra, (pink and green).

Imagine happy surroundings and thoughts. Tell yourself that you forgive them and allow them to drift

away and out of your thoughts and life.

Karma is a teacher, learn it's lessons.

No matter how hurt or upset you are, learn to forgive, and let these negative feelings go. Take responsibility for the here and now, and let all else go. Forgive and release any bad karma, and move forward.

5: Now take the list you wrote out, and burn it to further release these things, but do it safely!

Manifesting with the New Moon is directly tied to your healing at the Full Moon.

If you have the time in your schedule, you can do both. A double whammy has the power to change and transform your life!

Forgiving isn’t about the other people or things, it’s about forgiving yourself.

It's not to excuse or explain bad behavior, but it is definately a soul cleansing experience.

Holding onto anger and other negative thoughts and feelings is to drink poison. It will kill your mind, soul and body slowly until you are consumed.

If you are not inclined to do the "meditation and ritual" then you can just write out your list and burn it. Be sure to visualize those things being released and sent into oblivian.

Do this ritual every full moon for a cleansing all year long. Blessed Be!

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